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Unmatched Quality in Cycling Bib Shorts

Discover the pinnacle of cycling performance with Third Wheel Cycling's bib shorts. Our collection features the innovative TWC S2 Black Cycling Bib Shorts, designed for the ultimate balance in fit and function. Tested rigorously across various environments, these bib shorts exceed expectations in every aspect of cycling comfort and efficiency. With a focus on form-fitting, athletic cuts, and the use of custom, stretchable fabrics, our bib shorts guarantee a full range of motion, ensuring a comfortable ride regardless of the distance or terrain.

Care for Enhanced Riding Experience

We prioritise quality and performance. Our cycling bib shorts are crafted from cutting-edge, 8020 Spandex fabric, offering superior moisture-wicking properties and breathability. This technology is crucial for maintaining comfort during long rides and adapting to the diverse Australian climates. The ergonomic design of our bib shorts, including strategically placed seams, minimises friction and chafing, enhancing your overall riding performance. 

Superior Comfort with Unique Design

The core of our bib shorts' comfort lies in our meticulously crafted chamois. Designed for superior padding and support, it seamlessly integrates into the shorts, providing relief from saddle soreness and enhancing your riding experience. The versatility of our collection makes it suitable for all cyclists, from seasoned racers to weekend enthusiasts, ensuring that every rider can experience the benefits of premium cycling apparel.