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How it all Started

Third Wheel Cycling was founded by three Brisbane based lads who simply love riding bikes. We did however find the cost of new kits can be prohibitive, which got us thinking there must be a better option out there. As a result, Third Wheel Cycling was created with a focus on making great quality kits, at an affordable price. So, if you are a weekend warrior, the daily commuter or semi-serious rider who wants to wear quality gear without breaking the bank, give our kits a go! We've tested them and tested them again to ensure the final product is what we are happy to wear, what we are happy for our mates to wear and therefore what we are happy for our customers to wear.

Who are we

We are a small but passionate team that lives and breathes cycling and being outdoors. When we aren’t riding bikes or talking all things life over post ride catch ups, we are designing kits and looking at new and innovative materials to create better products for our cycling community. We are true believers that cycling not only provides great fitness, but it is also an amazing crowd to be a part of. We want to ensure there is great products available in the market for as many people as possible to get involved!