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Customer Satisfaction is our focus

By :Richard Austin 0 comments
Customer Satisfaction is our focus

After launching Season One we've been overwhelmed with the positivity which has come from people willing to give the Third Wheel Cycling kit a chance and buy either the jerseys, bib shorts or socks and some buying all. 

Some of the comments have been; 

- I received my order today of Jersey and Knicks. I wasn't sure on the quality as the kits can be very hit and miss. Took the first jersey out of the bag and was immediately impressed by the feel and the material used. I would say it's on par with a higher end Castelli Jersey. The real gem was the jersey, and it cost barely more than a couple of decaf soy lattes. Absolute winners, can’t wait to see the next launch. Thanks guys - John Duel

Bought the squad top. Great quality, fit is fantastic, love the little extra length in the body for tall guys, don’t have to wear bibs. Love how lightweight it is - Joseph Gallo

- I’ve worn some kit in my time , and spent all sorts of cash of the latest and greatest must haves. As you realise you need to let your legs do the talking no one cares if you’re wearing $360 knicks if you can’t #holdthewheel. Enter TWC, saw these guys as Brisbane based locals and had to give it to, must say first impressions are 100% ! Notified that stock is live , 24hrs later I’m wearing some of the most comfortable and well fitting kit I’ve had the pleasure of pulling over my skin - Dave Kelso

Thanks so much to all those who have given us a chance to showcase the TWC kit, we look forward to sharing more designs over the coming months. 


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