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Why did we start Third Wheel Cycling?

By :Richard Austin 0 comments
Why did we start Third Wheel Cycling?

As avid cyclists who happily invest in good quality cycling gear, we noticed some brands continuously driving up high prices while others managed to keep their prices super competitive. 

Which got us thinking, if they can consistently produce good quality products and prices well under some of the competition we could offer an alternative option in market. 

And so it began, from conceptualizing what would work, getting numerous samples to test, then finally settling on high quality fabric in both the jersey and bib shorts. 

We brainstormed what style would be embraced with our fellow cyclists, and tested the market with some 3D designs to see what people liked the best. 

Season One has been testing the water, putting out some varied styles for people to try, getting feedback from those whose opinions matter and ensuring what we thought was true 'that we'd brought to market high quality cycling apparel at reduced prices' was actually true. 

To say we've been blown away with the responses is an understatement, the positivity from people who have given us a go and purchased some of the cycling gear has been amazing. Which is inspiring us to continue this journey and keep bringing high quality cycling apparel at affordable prices to market. 

For those that have supported us right off the mark, we thank you. And for those still considering whether to part with their money, for the sake of $49.95 for a jersey and $80.00 for bib shorts you can't go wrong. 

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